Sustainability Statement

Southern Cross Tours 

At Southern Cross Tours we are lovers of nature, we are protectors of rainforests, we work to conserve the natural environment and we educate others on the plight of our natural environment and its inhabitants.

We believe rainforest protection is everyone’s responsibility so as part of our tours we share with you the key elements of the rainforest, the importance of their existence and that of its inhabitants. We also show you how to enjoy the rainforest without impacting it and what you can do to help protect it.

Small group tours = Big reduction in carbon footprint.

A full bus tour releases an average of 50% less in CO2 than the equivalent in petrol cars.

Pollinators such as fruit bats and bees are keystone species which means the survival of the planet and mankind depend on the survival of these species. Saving the pollinators is essential as bees and bats pollinate all fruits, crops  and vegetables we need as humans to survive. So as part of our visit to the rainforests and National Parks we share with you how you can help not only pollinators to thrive but the human population.

We respect the environment and are committed to environmental best practices to ensure we promote the Gold Coast Hinterland region sustainably and protect our natural assets. We operate sustainably not only to preserve our own business viability but also the viability of the communities which benefit directly from tourism generated income, and with respect to heritage values and the culture of Traditional Owners. Environmental commitments that we have in practice:

Energy efficiency:

  • Energy usage is monitored and reviewed monthly and issues identified and attended to.
  • All vehicles and equipment are in working order and regularly serviced. 
  • Energy saving light bulbs are used. Lighting switched off after hours.
  • We maximise natural light and natural ventilation to reduce appliance usage.
  • Our carbon footprint is calculated and monitored. It is reviewed annually and emission sources are assessed for improvement/offset.

Resource management:

  • Office supplies, packaging, paper is reused and recycled where possible.
  • Brochures and other promotional flyers are printed on recycled cardstock.
  • Materials and food supplies are purchased in bulk.
  • Regular maintenance program to replace leaking taps, valves and pipes.
  • Electronic resources are used where possible and outdated technologies are recycled. 

Waste Management:

  • We use an oil separator unit in the workshop and dispose of oils and chemicals appropriately.
  • Absorbent pads or recycled towels are used for small spills.
  • All oils are contained during maintenance procedures to prevent spills and leaks. 
  • An emergency response kit is located in the workshop to contain unexpected oil spills.
  • All ink and toner cartridges get recycled.
  • Pack in pack it out policy on tour ensuring all waste is discarded appropriately and not left in the forest.
  • Recycling station in place to separate recyclables and soft plastics from general waste.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning products. 


  • Staff car-pooling is encouraged.
  • Customer pickups are planned transfers in advance to ensure minimal vehicle use
  • Tour routes and schedules are planned to minimise the distances travelled.
  • Drivers are trained in transport efficiency – engines are not left idling, vehicles are parked in the shade, diesel engines in use.



Community and Government:

  • We offer secure employment and (re)training opportunities for the local community.
  • As an equal opportunity employer we welcome applications from Indigenous, over 55’s and women.
  • Our suppliers are encouraged to have their own eco sustainable practices or policies.
  • Supporting local producers and suppliers allows us to support the community and reduce transport emissions.
  • We offer discounted rates to local community groups, seniors and carers card holders.
  • We focus on working with locally owned, operated and sustainable business partners.
  • We support local community and charity fundraisers with donations.
  • We meet and exceed the standards required to enter National Parks and maintain permits. 
  • With more than 25 years experience operating tours into National Parks and conservation areas we work closely with Queensland Parks & Wildlife service to identify and report potential issues to protect the environment and ecosystems. 


  • Driver guides are educated on the importance of conservation and sustainability.
  • Our driver guides deliver interpretive and educational experiences on tour to help customers understand the biodiversity and ecological and cultural significance of the area.
  • Drivers share cultural stories on tour.
  • Customers are educated about the significance of rainforest preservation and pollinator protection and how they can be more environmentally friendly at home.
  • Feedback from both staff and customers is encouraged, welcomed and taken on board to facilitate improvement.

Southern Cross Tours complies with all relevant legislation and regulations and strives to achieve environmental best practice in all of its operations. We periodically review and improve our environmental and sustainability initiatives as new information and technology becomes available.

We acknowledge and pay respects to the Yugambeh people, the traditional custodians of the Gold Coast region and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, culture and community. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.


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Southern Cross Tours
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Andrea De Vere

I went on the glow worm tour after dark. Great experience. Our guide – Duff was very professional, friendly and cracked some jokes. Trip was to tamborine mountain – took about 40 mins to get there, walk to Curtis falls while seeing creatures of the night like frogs and trapdoor spiders.
Duff provided vast knowledge of native wildlife.
This is a must see adventure for everyone. Highly recommend!
Thank you southern cross tours.

– June 2021

Rajkumar Krishnaswamy (Raj)

Our family did the Springbrook guided tour visiting waterfalls & lookouts including the Natures bridge falls. Fantastic guided tour by Trent who was knowledgeable of the area and very friendly. Will recommend Southerncross tours 👍
– January 2021

lily mirabito

Aaron was a fantastic guide. The treetop climb was a highlight. Got to experience the best of Gold Coasts nature parks. 10/10 would recommend.
– June 2020


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