Our Tours
are Eco-friendly

Impacting You, Benefiting Earth

We are making your journeys impactful for you and beneficial for the planet.

Logo for Reforest - it says powered by reforest

We are reforesting 50% of the CO2 emissions from your tour today.

Our vision is to provide quality transformative, sustainable, nature based tourism experiences.

At Southern Cross Tours, we are passionate about showcasing our region’s natural beauty to visitors, both domestic and international. The rainforest that lies to the west of the expanding Gold Coast skyline is not only stunning but also a sanctuary for some of Australia’s most endangered species. As urban expansion poses threats to these ecosystems, our tours aim to highlight this invaluable environment, educating guests to appreciate and champion conservation in their own communities.

We strive to operate sustainably and our mission is that our tours leave guests with a deeper connection to nature and the local communities we visit, a new appreciation for the beauty of the Hinterland, and a desire to make choices that will support sustainable living and the long term conservation of our natural environment. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability we have partnered with Queensland based project Reforest to calculate and remove 50% of the CO2 produced by our tours through planting trees in Australian based reforestation projects.

Thank you for choosing to tour with Southern Cross Tours, and supporting eco tourism.

Close-up of a female's hand holding a small tree, with a dense forest in the background

If you’ve recently taken a tour with us check out the link below and claim your own personal tree to see the positive climate impact we’re making together.

The project we are currently supporting is Widgewah Sanctuary in Victoria.

Widgewah is a 400ha property located in the Murray region of North Eastern Victoria, around 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. It is part of the Hughes Creek Landscape Zone, an important biodiversity area.

As part of a breeding and recovery program for the Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby, the project will help create a habitat aimed at bringing this vulnerable species back from the brink of extinction.

The first wallabies were introduced to the site in mid-2023, safe within a predator-proof fence surrounding the entire sanctuary zone. Each hectare of trees planted will remove over 230,000kg of CO₂ in the first 10 years of the project’s life.

Your journey with us contributes to a cleaner, greener future, ensuring our beautiful rainforests remains pristine for generations to come!

Thank you for helping to keep the planet clean and green for generations to come.

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