Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Dec 1, 2020


Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast Experience

Since I was a kid growing up in the Hinterland I would see the balloons flying over the rural properties and was always amazed at how graceful they looked. I finally took my first flight and loved it. Our pilot was probably sick of all my questions but still answered me with a smile

These balloons are just awesome, the science pretty basic, Hot air rising, catch the hot air and your away. The area Hot Air flys is where I have spent many nights camping under the stars.

Southern Cross visit the area during the day on our tours but seeing it during the early hours of the morning is awesome from above. I don’t bore of seeing wildlife and watching Kangaroos cross paddocks. You really can see the countryside and its occupants coming to life on sunrise.

Watching the farmers feeding there stock or kids catching the school bus brings back memories growing up in the area.

“I can assure you I don’t miss the early morning starts to catch the 1 1/2 hour ride to school”

The flight was great, its completely smooth and as the balloon lifts you feel nothing. Before you know it you well above the ground and seeing 360 degrees views of some of the best real estate in South East Queensland.

Our landing is same as the science of take off, basic really ! take away the heat and you slowly descend. After we packed up the balloon we headed off to a champagne breakfast at The Canungra Valley Vineyard’ . We visit here on some of our private tours so it was good to see it from the customers point of view. It did not disappoint.

If your looking at doing a balloon flight checkout Hot Air Gold Coast. Also remember if you’re visiting the Gold Coast with the family and want to make the most of your day book one of our Exclusive private Hot Air 4WD tour Combos. This way you can enjoy a morning balloon flight and we pick you up after breakfast and head off to the hinterland and rainforest region for a fully guided day out.

If you ever head to Carins or Port Douglas check out Hot Air while your there. Hot Air are the largest and most experienced operator in Australia so your in safe hands.

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