Black Duck Seat Covers

Aug 1, 2020


Black Duck Seat Covers Mercedes Sprinter

Several months ago we noticed that the fabric on our 4WD Mercedes Sprinters was starting to show signs of wear. Doing a bit of research we found that whilst some brands offer 4WD seat covers they don’t cater for all types of vehicles, Just the mainstream !

After a quick call to Black Duck I had all the answers and an official quote through to our office within an hour. The best thing was it catered for all our fleet including our 4WD Sprinters, Nissan Patrol and Landcruiser.

A couple of emails to confirm colours and the extra reinforcing due to the high use in our 4WD’s (getting in and out a lot in a day) the order was confirmed.

Both our Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol are used for our private charters and also personally for our own trips away. Not long after we got the new seat covers we had a trip to Fraser Island and what better test than a 4 and 9 year old. Just 12 hours after our return the vehicle was back out on tour and the seats looking as good as new.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these covers. Our business at Southern Cross is ensuring that our customers get what they pay for and good service from start to finish.

The whole process with Black Duck was exceptional including the follow up to ensure we got everything we were promised.

Thanks Black Duck

Whilst we got the Canvas seat covers they also have a range of new Denim seat covers which look good

To request a quote and find out if they can get your vehicle sorted go to or head to their website Canvas seat covers from Black Duck

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