We Stand For

Group of people holding flashlights in Mount Tamborine rainforest at night, examining a large tree root while searching for nocturnal creatures
Male holding a large flashlight in the rainforest at night, while another person stands beside him, listening to his commentary

What are we passionate about?

This could be summarised in one word “nature” but it’s broader than that. We are lovers of nature, we are protectors of rainforests, we work to conserve the natural environment and we educate others on the plight of our natural environment and its inhabitants. At Southern Cross Tours we believe Rainforest protection is everyone’s responsibility so as part of our tours we share with you the key elements of the rainforest, the importance of their existence and that of its inhabitants. We also show you how to enjoy the rainforest without impacting it and what you can do to help protect it. Pollinators such as fruit bats and bees are keystone species which means the survival of the planet and mankind depend on the survival of these species. Saving the pollinators is essential as bees and bats pollinate all fruits, crops  and vegetables we need as humans to survive. So as part of our visit to the rainforests and National Parks we share with you how you can help not only pollinators to thrive but the human population.

Creating a connection with nature

Connect with nature, boost health, and support a sustainable future—rejuvenate physically and mentally while reducing ecological impact.

Escape to nature for ultimate relaxation

Escape the chaos, find solace, and rejuvenate in nature's embrace—a tranquil haven for ultimate relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation.

Refresh with nature walks and mindfulness

Renew your well-being with nature walks, refreshing your mind and body in a tranquil haven of ultimate relaxation.

Nature Advocates: Educators and Enthusiasts

Educators, nature lovers, and enthusiasts unite for a sustainable future, nurturing well-being through shared passion.

Environmental Advocacy: Conservation & Protection

Dedicated advocates choosing to protect and conserve the environment, fostering a sustainable and protected future.

Discover Peace in Nature's Retreats

Escape and rejuvenate in tranquil nature—a haven where serenity and well-being seamlessly intertwine.

Local buying cuts emissions, boosts sustainability

Buying local food helps the environment in so many different ways.

Opting for local products not only ensures freshness by eliminating extensive storage but also minimizes transportation-related pollution. Additionally, it promotes sustainability through reduced packaging in locally sourced foods, fosters a robust local economy, and prevents monopolization by multinational corporations. Embracing local consumption offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing freshness, sustainability, economic growth, and food supply diversity within communities.

Pollution Reduction
Sustainable Packaging
Local Economy
Food Supply Diversity

Why do we run tours to the rainforest?

Good question, originally we would have said because we love being in business and we love people. But when we started to dig down a little deeper, we love showing visitors where we live, we love showing off our home to the world because we live in such a naturally beautiful part of the world here on the Gold Coast. We also have a deep desire to protect the rainforest environment that sits behind the Gold Coast. It’s the habitat for some of Australia’s most endangered species. As the city grows, urbanisation impacts more and more on the environment, rainforest and its wildlife. So now we do what we do to showcase this precious environment to visitors and also educate them so they too can care for the environment where they live. We do this so we can advocate for the environment in our own backyard.

Feed The Mind

Southern Cross Tours is an educational experience as much as a tourism experience. Our expert tour guide provides you with an abundance of knowledge on the region, shares stories of history, highlights wildlife and connects you with the local community. We also offer you an escape from the world. A few short hours away from it all, to be free and be in a truly unique and beautiful location where your everyday life can be forgotten.

Activate The Body

On our guided walks through the rainforests and national parks you can stretch your legs, move the body, get the blood flowing again and breathe in deep the fresh clean air of nature.

Lift The Heart

A connection with nature makes us feel good. Southern Cross Tours we see 3000 year old trees, the tiniest and brightest of insects and the most sensational views in the regions. All of this gives you the opportunity to not only learn about the natural environment but enjoy it, connect with it and we hope to inspire and empower you to become lovers and protectors of the local and global environment.

Care For The Environment

We educate guests on the value of conserving and protecting our environment but also as a business work hard to ensure we have minimal impact on the environment.

Grow Community

On tour we support the local community by sharing their history, culture and stories. We also support local businesses and buy locally wherever we can.

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